Thursday, 22 November 2012

Plans for the Hobbit

My first costuming crush was Galadriel's gown. Thirteen year old goth me had great plans of a black version of the gown she wears in the prologue - I made a pattern and planned for the embroidery and everything. (When I rediscovered my drawings, I was overcome with the need to invent a time machine and travel back to slap myself. I didn't know anything about sewing.)

I (luckily) never started on the gown, but I've never given up the dream of an Elvish gown. And with the Hobbit coming to theatres, I've a wonderful excuse to get started.

I'm not sure whether it will be finished in time because of exams and stuff I really should prioritize, but I've cut out the pattern already. If it isn't finished for the Hobbit, I could always use it for Banzaicon in March-April.

Despite all I just said about Elvish gowns, is this dress going to be more alike the human designs of Lotr - it's linen, while the Elvish gowns are primarily made of velvet, and the costume crazed (anyone there?) will notice the likeness to Éowyn's gowns.

I just need to survive my exams, and then I can sew.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Halloween 2012

Rococo lady on the bus.

This year resulted in costuming extravaganza. And I teased the hell out of my hair so I could style it mile-high.  One of my housemates wore the tallest heels she had, and I was still taller than her. We were out and about, so I didn't get to take proper pictures of the whole thing. It'll have to wait till next con, I think.

Wearing the costume was fun. I got loads of compliments, though there were a few nasty comments too - people love to talk down about Halloween here because it's supposedly an American tradition. The costume was comfortable to wear, not too cold or hot, and I love the new stays, I completely forgot I was wearing them.

There was a staring contest. I lost.

This was what happened when I let down my hair. 
And this was what happened after I came home (and left bits my costume all around the house as I peeled it off). As if I don't have trouble with my unruly hair already, here it is teased and covered in a bullet-proof layer of hairspray.

These pics are by Sylvilel.