Vampire bride inspired by Tanz der Vampire.
Costume post.
1850's inspired ballgown.
Skirt & fashion show.
Hulder, Halloween costume from 2011.
Costume post.
Red outfit, late rococo.
Costume post.

Handsewn blue outfit, late rococo.
Costume post.
Victorian bustle gown.
Costume post.

Red edwardian outfit.
Will get around to posting about this outfit.
Rococo vampire inspired by Vampyriien Tanssi.
This costume got its own tag.

Peredhilgown, half-elven gown, inspired by the LotR.
This costume has its own tag.
Dwarf lady.
This costume has its own tag.
These are only the full costumes I've made. I'm of course wearing historical undergarments underneath the historical costumes, and I find myself creating other things in addition to costumes.

Tags that might be worth checking out: underpinnings, rococo, victorian, knitting, viking

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