Monday, 30 July 2012

In which I say hello

To start off with an introduction:

I am Miss Impossible. I sew a lot, mostly historical costumes. And this is quite obviously a new blog. (Because my old one was in Norwegian, and sadly out of 4.5 million Norwegians, not many of them care about costumes, historical or not.)

I'm first and foremost a costumer, sometimes with a love for the morbid, so delicate period purists may want to brace themselves for modern horrors and Halloween extravaganza.

I'm learning as I go, which usually works out and sometimes make me want to travel back in time to slap myself. If you see me do anything stupid, please tell me. And, English isn't my first language, so feel free to prod at my grammar, etc.

During the next week I'll be posting about my old costumes. Then, when I'm up to date, I'll be rambling about my current projects.

In the meantime, here's a picture of my cat. Don't let that innocent look fool you, the furball is pure evil. Her name isn't Mau McSnurp the Bloodthirsty for nothing.

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