Thursday, 2 August 2012

Red Ensemble, Late-Rococo

I know there's  pink bow in my hair. Ignore it please.
This is an outfit I didn't plan on making. It just happened. I found a pretty fabric at the local second-hand store and wanted to make myself a Regency gown. But when I unwrapped the pattern there was a gazillion pieces and a mile-long list of instructions. I figured that, heck, I don't really like the empire waist anyway, and went a bit farther back in time to make an 18th. century skirt. Tutorial.

When I had the skirt (plus an underskirt I'd made because the overskirt was see-through), I had to make something to go with it and drafted a jacket based on Simplicity 3637. I delved into my stash for this project. I had to piece the red fabric, which made me utterly excited. (Yay, something period correct in my not-at-all period project!)


Used it six months later, at Banzaicon 2012. I'm wearing proper underpinnings, plus a bumroll. The flying satin band is from the sleeve of the chemise. I didn't notice it dangling.

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