Saturday, 27 July 2013

Costume plans

There hasn't been much sewing as of late. Life's gotten in the way. For the rest of 2013 I have two costumes I know I have to finish and a third I might get started on if I have the time. (The Edwardian gown from April has been taken apart. The insides were rather messy and there is no sense in working on something you'll end up hating and not wearing.)


The first costume on my list is an actual cosplay, not an original costume. Captain Sabertooth might be going to Torucon in September. If not, he's going to be my Halloween costume this year.

For those outside Norway - the Captain comes from a series of pirate musicals for kids. Everyone born after 1989 will have gone through a "Sabertooth phase" in early childhood. When I was four I had a cassette from one of the plays and there were days I did nothing but listen to it. In the end I was only allowed to play it once a day because it drove my grandparents mad. (I still have that cassette. It's a wonder it's survived this long.)

The Captain is the most feared pirate on the seven seas, except he's afraid of ghosts and he's not that happy about girl cooties either.

I can't find my new costume sketch, so this'll have to do.
Enjoy my quality drawing.

There have been slight variations to his costume (the show has been put up each summer since 1989), so I'm mixing in elements from different variations. I'm using a period pattern from this site here and look forward to cursing about the differences of the modern vs. the rococo fit.

The vikings I've joined are going to shake things up at the Hobbit premiere in Tromsø. I'm going to be a generously bearded dwarf lady of awesome. I've six months, so I'm in no hurry. The jacket, shoes and bracers are even done, so I only need a tunic, pants and some weapons all the weapons.

The last costume on the list - I'm making a late Victorian gown inspired by a gown worn by the empress Elisabeth in the musical based on her life. I got a heapload of lovely, lovely fabric from aunt, and it's just perfect!

Only the golden fabric.

It's almost the same, more gold than red, but what the hey, it's vintage silk! I'm gonna use a pattern from Truly Victorian for the skirt and probably modify the heck out of BurdaStyle 7880, the same pattern I used for the brown bustle dress, for the jacket.

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