Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Mad Baggins

It's become tradition to sew by hand every Christmas. 'Cause I go home to my family, where the sewing machine is cruelly banished during the festivities, and if I don't have anything to do I get testy.

The Christmas Project of 2013 was not a costume, but clothing, which doesn't happen often. It's going to be a loosely fitted morning gown made from scraps, inspired from the one Bilbo Baggins wears while the dwarves invade Bag End. I also took inspiration from this antique piece from 1935, which I suspect might have also inspired the costume designer of the Hobbit.

I've seen Bilbo's robe criticized as an example of bad worldbuilding, but I love it to bits, pun not intended. The way I see it, Hobbits take pride in tradition and family, and it's not a stretch to imagine that there are some memories sewn into the garment.

My morning gown solves a few problems I've had. Finally I have a use for the fabric scraps I can't bring myself to throw away because they could be used for something, , and in addition I get to practice different embroidery stitches on the crazy quilt. And maybe, just maybe, getting up will be easier if I get to wear this every morning! (I don't think this is likely, but I can hope.)

To my joy, it's not turning out as dark as I expected. When I'm finished quilting, I'm going to find a nice flannel to line it with. Sorrowfully it's not going to be finished in a while, because I've two big outfits planned for a convention in April, and this project is put on the back burner until I'm finished.

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