Thursday, 1 May 2014

HSF Challenge #8: UFOs & PHDs (or, what I wore to Banzaicon)

This challenge might need some explaining. In sewing terms an UFO is an Un-Finished Object.

Apparently there are some lucky sods who don't have UFOs, because according to the challenge, you could choose a project you've put off. I was looking for a way to fit this into HSF, so I jumped at the chance. (This outfit has been on The List since early October.)

I didn't finish it completely for Banzaicon. (Skirt needs more trim, I'll need to make a bigger bustle and maybe redo the bodice?) So, as proof of some cosmic irony or whatever, I managed to make a UFO for this challenge. Go me.

Challenge: #8 - UFOs & PHDs
Fabric: Silk, polished cotton, linen.
Pattern: Truly Victorian, 1870s Ballgown Bodice (TV4I6) and 1875 Parisian Skirt (TV216).
Year: 1870-75.
Notions: Thread, eyelets, satin band, cotton ties, wired satin band, decorative bands, netting.
How historically accurate is it? Materials are period, except the polyester thread (silk one didn't arrive in time.)
Hours to complete: Worked on this for two weeks.
First worn: Banzaicon 2014.
Total cost: Not gonna tell, cause I don't wanna shock anyone with how expensive this hobby is when you live in Norway...

Photos (c) Malene Richter Lien. 

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