Sunday, 9 November 2014

Wagner valkyrie, so far

The shield is still a work in progress. I have finished the woodwork without shedding more blood. Now it needs covering, shield boss and some decoration.

The deerskin I planned to cover it with is too small. So I'll have to decide whether to piece it together so it covers the whole thing or to just cover it with something else, linen perhaps. Decisions...

Made a new headpiece because I wasn't pleased with the first one.

The arm bracer was the last thing I made before I left home for school and studying. I continued my saga of pilfering Tolkien's world for decoration: the tree is this Telperion with the roots of the Tree of Gondor. So far, this is my favourite thing I've made with foam.

The armour parts are finished, I just need to glue on a few leather straps so they're wearable. I think I'll repaint the pauldron - it as the first thing I made and it shows (later I figured out that drybrushing i the answer on how to make the gold paint look like real metal).

And at last, because I was at home when I worked with this - look at this pretty kitteh who stalks the garden at home. So pretty.

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