Sunday, 11 January 2015

Viking embroidery: wolf contortionist

The wolf contortionists have been finished for a while. As this project was small enough to fit in my bag, I've taken it with me to school and embroidered in breaks or when taking the metro into town. (When I was going home one day, there was an elderly lady who sat down beside me to talk about embroidery.)

As usual, I've used woolen thread. The wheat-coloured thread comes from Skaar Tekstil, the rest is vintage, a gift from my grandmother. She had a lot of remnant thread lying around from when she embroidered national costumes in the 90's.

The motif is upside down in this pic. Oops.

The hardest part of an embroidery project is choosing colours. The vikings were colourful people, and personally I'm not. I think I should have chosen a stronger colour for the contouring?

I like keeping things tidy and this is acceptable. Later, I'm going to try another type of stitch,
that in theory will make the motif look the same on both sides.


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