Saturday, 11 April 2015

HSM Challenge #2: Something Blue

Historical Sew Monthly is the same thing I sorta participated in last year, except this year there's only one challenge a month. (Despite having more time to do each project, I'm still almost two months behind on this post...)

I made a pair of tie-on pockets for Carlotta, cause a girl needs pockets. Since I have a lot of sewing to do for school, I don't have much time to make things outside school. So to qualify for the "something blue" challenge I snuck a blue ribbon into the embroidery. I used the pocket pattern from Simplicity 3536 without any changes.

My last embroidery projects (viking corgies and contortionist wolves) have been successful, so I leapt headfirst into this one hoping it should be easy. Shouldn't have done that, hubris and all that. I switched to cotton mouline embroidery yarn after getting used to wool thread, and I found the cotton is rather unwilling to cooperate.

I used hours on Pinterest trying to find the perfect motif, only to sketch down my own design. I learnt to do french knots and then did about 150 of them for practice.

The pockets were sewn together by hand, with silk thread because that was the only pink thread I had lying around. They're tied around the waist with pink organza ribbon.

Challenge #2: Something Blue 
Fabric: Cotton canvas.
Pattern: Simplicity 3536.
Year: Rococo
Notions: Silk thread, cotton mouline embroidery thread.
How historically accurate is it? 75%
Hours to complete: 7
First worn: Not worn yet.
Total cost: 30 NOK.

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