Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Loot from Lofoten

What I bought at this market differs a bit from previous purchases. This is the second market where I stay onsite, so there was need for period correct cutlery and such. I bought a wooden plate, a lovely ceramic cup, and a knife that will look quite amazing hanging in my belt when it isn't in use. The handle of the knife is antler, so I'm thinking of carving a design into it.

I bought a bit of wax for handsewing, as my hatred runs hot for the utterly useless commerical wax sold in stores around here, a horn spoon and an airtight birch box for spices. I got some food as well, raw honey and rose honey (amazing), and a few sausages.

Earlier this year I told myself no more viking jewellery. Luckily you forget such ridiculous notions after a few days at market...

The set of tortoise brooches I already had are nice, but they're an occasional aggravation, it takes so little for the left brooch to fall open. So I got a new, simpler pair without holes for pearl strings. Wearing pearls isn't practical at all times. I also got a twisted silver ring, a few glass pearls and a Pitney brooch. The logo of my viking group is based on the Pitney brooch, so most of us has a copy.

I planned to look for a bag and period correct shoes at this market. I didn't love any of the bags they had, but after two days without something to carry things around in I just caved and bought a plain one. Leatherworking is next on the list of viking things I want to try, so I can perhaps decorate it myself.

Having bought a belt and a bag, there's only one thing left on my must haves this season. Sadly, no one sold shoes at the market, so I bought a pair of ankle high shoes online.

I fell in love with Lofoten Wool, a company that makes the most magnificent yarn. It's local wool, all natural dye, it's super fluffy and strong. The one I bought is coloured with madder. They also sold books on plant dyes, and I've been experimenting with good results so far.

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