Thursday, 31 July 2014

Iron Age Shoes & Hela's Crown

Beetlewings glued onto foam, nothing fancy. 

I have updated Hela's crown. The old one turned out too small and barely showed on the pictures. Hela will be my Halloween costume this year, so I'll add to it. So far I have plans of a flowing sheer and tattered cloak along with more embellishment on the dress - she is a queen.

Made my second pair of iron age shoes based on this tutorial. They will go to a valkyrie costume that will be used at conventions, so they're not exactly period correct. They're made from recycled pleather, taken from an old suitcase that didn't survive travelling with me. 

Since there was no need for period correctness, I put in grommets in the lacing. Hopefully that it will prolong their life. 

Linen thread for reinforcement and because it added detail.

Also pictured: my new needlebound socks. Comfy as hell.

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