Monday, 21 July 2014

Summer raid so far

After being a member of a reenactment group for almost two years, I finally went to my first viking markets this summer. We went to Trondheim and Borre, and after this I might just never go back to conventions and cosplay. (Almost.)

The people I met were awesome and spending the night on the market site in a viking tent was beyond amazing. When walking around camp about after nightfall, with lights in every tent and people in period clothing still milling about, I was halfway convinced I was a thousand years back in time. (You will have to pardon my enthusiasm, I'm still reeling.)

And, best of all, I still have one market to go. I'm moving south in August, which means a much shorter distance to everything, and so I can go to Gjallarstadir in September.

I forgot to ask the seller where the pendant comes from. Tell me if you know?
Troll cross in steel. Protects the wearer from the supernatural and malevolent magic.

I got some fabric at Borre, a thin white wool (serk) and a striped thicker one (birka coat) that will be turned into winter clothes during fall. (In Trondheim I learnt that market in summer can get fucking cold.) Also got some assorted embroidery and sewing thread in linen, silk and wool, along with some silk that I might dye. Wanna try all the things! 

Anyone who has been anywhere near a viking-related blog the last weeks has probably seen it, but here is Wardrunas' Helvegen performed at the burial mounds at Borre.

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