Saturday, 9 August 2014

Quilting, viking shirts and nalbinding, oh my

I might be a lousy blogger, but I'm great at making stuff. Lots of stuff. That I then forget to blog about because ugh, I have to take pics of stuff and then I probably forget to post the bloody pics I've taken. So, here have everything at once. 

Somewhere during my last moving shenanigans I realised the morning robe I started in December was one of the things that just wasn't going to be finished. But since I'd quilted the whole thing by hand I couldn't get myself to throw it away. So I made a big pillowcase instead.

It's a bit ironic that the very thing I had great plans of wearing when I had somehow miraculously crawled out of bed early, has been turned into something that will probably make me want to sleep in.

I had a nap and woke up with lines from the embroidery on my face...

My stash hasn't shrunk a lot despite a move, so I've set goals to use as much of it as possible. This vintage fabric came from a curtain. I had enough for a tiny dress I've put up for sale on the Norwegian equivalent of Etsy.

The viking shirt I made from scrap fabric needed decoration, so I did some embroidery in wool. It turned out too short for me (as I said, made from scraps) and now it's on its way to a new owner in Denmark. Hope she'll like it!

I've a participant at a few viking markets this summer, and I needed something to do while I was there (and something to do while travelling there - the Norwegian railway is not among the fastest...). It resulted in these beanies, a few socks that has already been given to their owners, and some unshapely arm warmers that look weird when they're laid flat, so no pic of that.

The grey beanies are made in a ridiculously soft alpaca. I don't use beanies (long hair, static, nooo), but I'm tempted to keep one of them for myself.

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