Friday, 22 August 2014

Skulduggery Pleasant & the Requiem Ball Mask

Not lipstick. Fake blood. 
Skulduggery Pleasant is coming to an end soon. I made a mask for the Requiem Ball contest on Facebook. Since the books are fairly gory (seriously, I've had nightmares!) I headed straight for special effects. 

While I wanted a blood-dripping effect, I took inspiration from Sandra Bornholm's fantastic mask. Chrix Design has made a wonderful variation and tutorial on how to use latex and tissue

This is how it looks like when it's not on my face.

Meet my leedle friend...
It didn't turn out exactly how I'd envisioned it, but the end result isn't half bad. These pictures were taken right in front of a window because the light was shit everywhere else, so every time someone passed by I had to duck behind the curtains. (In other words, there is a reasonable explanation as to why there is the blood on my curtains...) 

Like the genius I am, I took the pics before reading the contest rules... which stated you were not allowed to submit pictures of the mask on your face. Understandable, because a lot of fans are minors, but come on I am an adult (sorta). I did take pictures of the mask, but I forgot to submit them. So I'll take this as a learning experence. It was fun to do even if I'm still finding bloodspatters everywhere.

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