Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Desucon Fantasy

100%  cool and comfy.

I shared a stand with leechdreams, who makes the prettiest flower crowns and fairy accessories. Because the mere thought of dressing up in victorian clothes and using an hour applying fancy makeup made me go nope, I wore my viking garb instead and was 100% comfier than anyone else.

I loved selling at the convention, mostly because I escaped having sore feet at the end of the day!

I made these stays last summer, just to have something to do. It used up the fabric left over from my own stays eget snøreliv. It was the first thing I sold and the person who bought it put it on and walked aroundwearing it! I was so amazed and excited about it, it's a bit embarrassing, but person! Wearing thing! I MADE THING!

Amulets with icelandic magical staves and bindrunes.

Cute armwarmers.

I finished my second pair of viking corgies during the day. They're a tiny bit bigger and way more dangerous than the first pair.

I didn't buy anything geeky, but what I bought is as nerdy as can get. Gudbrandsongarden had a stand at the marketplace outside the convention hall, and I bought this beautiful yarn made from spælsheep, the kinda sheep the vikings had. New viking socks, here I come! 

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