Sunday, 19 July 2015

Collection 2014/2015

In April we had professional photos taken by everything we had made at school so far.

Photographs by Marit S. Wollan.

Autumn skirt in diagonally wowen sandcoloured wool, lined with forest green viscose. The design is based of autumn leaves - with lines in the side panel. I made the pattern from scratch, altering a skirt sloper.

Originally the skirt was going to be dark green, but when I was at the fabric store I met one of my favourite cosplayers and being starstruck I bought another colour. In hindsight I think this colour suits the fall-theme better.

Dress in wool, black plain weave and dark blue twill lined with midnight blue polyester.

Inspiration, sketches, figurine and technical drawings.
The guidelines for this task were pretty strict - the design lines used in the dress had to be from different photos we were handed, the finished dress had to have the same silhouette as the dress sloper and the school provided three different wools to choose from.

Mori inspired top with kimono sleeves in thick woolen jersey. It has its own blog post here.

And my showpiece, a dress inspired by the dragon Smaug from the Hobbit. It's made from silk dupion and silk organza with appliqued dragonscale smocking, and richly embroidered with pearls and pretties. I have WIP blog posts about it: [inspiration], [sketches].

The photographer took some detail shots of the dress. At the time of the shoot I had finished adding pearls, but I had yet to start embroidering, so these are WIP-shots.

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