Monday, 20 July 2015


This task was to design something inspired by the taste or how something feels. I chose ash. It also gave me a broad field to play, from "your joy will turn to ash in your mouth", to the thought of floating ash particles landing on eyelashes like snowflakes, or how amazingly comfy it must be to let your hands sink into lukewarm ashes. 

Our theme was to be matched with a potential group of consumers. I chose mori girls, a Japanese style with Scandinavian influence. Put short, they dress like they live in the woods. There are also subgenres of the style, dark mori og strega, that are darker.

We were to design at least five products that had to have some sort of drop sleeve. I did a raglan. My designs for this project were simple because we had to use jersey, which I haven't used a lot, and as if that wasn't enough we were to swap projects with someone else in class and sew theirs.

It took me about an hour to cut, serge and steam the top. It's made in a thick, stable wool jersey. The surface reminded me a lot of ash.

The long sleeved one is made for school; the other one was something I did when I had some left over fabric and some free time. The kimono sleeves are open in the lower part of the armscye, like a proper kimono, and the garments are meant to be layered on top of the basic designs I came up with.

Drawing flats. The bane of my existence.

In addition to design and sewing, we made a brochure. The printer at school hates me so I decided to paint and glue together a prototype. I used watercolours on recycled cotton paper from Norway Designs sprinkled with quotes from Cheshire Kitten and Hey Alice.

Zoom in to have a look at the  flats and product description.

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