Saturday, 25 July 2015

Oslo Medieval Market

In between far too many exams and sewing in blind panic for the fashion show at school, I went to Oslo Medieval festival. Just one of the days, but the day when it didn't rain. (Hah.)

I've no idea what I'll use it for,
but these stamps were so pretty I had to have one.
Bags fromGungnir.
It's just an advertisement, but this tiny tent would be the perfect size for a tiny cat.

I fell in love with this lovely leather bag a la Frankenstein's monster made by leather scraps stitched together. A little out of my price range, sorrowfully.

I tried to keep my purchases sensible, because I have most of the small things you need for reenactment. It's always tempting to buy jewellery and such, but I need to control this because I have enough. The amount of viking glitter and pretties you can put on at once is limited. This season I'm looking for a belt, a bag and some proper shoes.

So I bought a book about viking clothes in hopes I can make some additions to my viking wardrobe that isn't just serk and smokkr, and also got a stamp and an iron needle for period sewing.

And, I got one of the things I was looking for. This leather belt was bought at Gungnir, a seller who unfortunately doesn't have an online presence.

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