Thursday, 3 September 2015

Plant dyeing (and more)

Heather turned into a fantastic golden yellow on white yarn, and took on a greenish hue on undyed grey yarn. I was thrilled. My camera refuses to capture the colours in all their magnificence, but you get the gist. 

Dyed and undyed yarn for a side by side comparison.

Even though I'd ended up with a colour that wasn't yellow, I still felt like experimenting, and remembered I had some useless food colouring lying around. I used vinegar as a fixative.

The colours are a bit bolder in person.

And then over to plant dyes again - powdered paprica. The colour turned out a nice orange, but not as deep as I'd expected. 

And here's a picture of all the colours I've made so far. I love how the golden heather yarn pops forth here (left, under the blue).

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